Luxor is a town situated in Upper Egypt, the province of Qena. Luxor was the ancient town of Thebes, previously the capital of Ancient Egypt. The early Arab travelers, who admired Luxor for the several ruins and monuments scattered around the town, gave it its name. Actually in Arabic Luxor means "the palaces". Luxor, Probably the famous town and interesting destination in Egypt. In this city, the former Thebes, some of the biggest and best preserved temples of the ancient times can be visited. The city of Luxor has usually been characterised as the greatest open air museum of the world", the ruins of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor standing within the modern city. However, across the Nile River, also lie the monuments, tombs and temples on the West Bank Necropolis, which include the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. The city of Luxor continues to be a major tourist destination since the late Dynasties of the Greek and Roman periods. Thousands of international tourists arrive each year to visit these monuments, their presence forming a large part of the economic basis for the modern city. As a result. However in the city of Luxor, there are only 3 main streets consisting of Sharia al-Karnak, Sharia al-Mahatta and the Corniched, next to the Nile.

Luxor at the Nile
The city of Luxor has around of 150,000 inhabitants and is governed by special statues that allow it more autonomy then other political areas of Egypt. In the city of Luxor on the East Bank, one of the first stops must be the Temple of Luxor built by Amenophis III. Head south on Sharia al-Karnak to reach the temple, which was connected to the Karnak Temple via a long stone processional street called a dromos. In that time, the dromos was built by Nectanebo I, and after originally was lined on either side by sphinxes.

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