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First, we have to understand Ancient Egyptian art and its central role in Egyptian civilization. Then we have to visit the egyptian museum to see actual examples of Egyptian art. That will help us to understand what the Egyptian art and beliefs that is about life after death, the gods, who controlled the workings of the universe , the kings divine powers, granted by the gods to maintain universal order.

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The ancient Egyptian civilization endured with more changes for more than three thousand years. This is true because, in fact, Egyptian ways of life, philosophy, religion, language, and art changed considerably over time. However, the ancient Egyptian culture retained its identity situation due to Egypt's favorable, unique and secure location. Essentially a river oasis, the country was bordered by deserts to the west and east, by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and by the first cataract of the Nile at Aswan in the south. Egyptians were not isolated, however. Situated in the northeastern corner of Africa, Egypt was a center for trade routes to and from western Asia, the Mediterranean, and central Africa.

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The flag had three colors: red, white with golden eagle and black

The National Anthem

My homeland, my homeland, my hallowed land,
                Only to you, is my due hearty love at command,
My homeland, my homeland, my hallowed land,
                Only to you is my due hearty love at command,
her of the great ancient land,
                My sacred wish and holy demand,
All should love, awe and cherish thee,
                Gracious is thy Nile to humanity,
No evil hand can harm or do you wrong,
                So long as your free sons are strong,
My homeland, my homeland, my hallowed land,
                Only to you, is my due hearty love at command.

  Egypt's People:
Population:    76,117,421 (July 2004 est.)   
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